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Breaking Through to you! T-shirts and Statement Mugs! 

" I am NO LONGER STUCK Design"

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One morning I was being hard on myself about my progress in life and not feeling clear about my purpose. I could feel depression and anxiety creeping up on me as I questioned myself and my future. But before those feelings could completely pull me in, I caught a glimpse of my “I am no longer stuck!” mug. It spoke to me loud and clear, rousing me out of my state of mind and shifting my perspective. I WAS NOT STUCK! I felt empowered as I reminded myself of recent accomplishments and opportunities that could be life-changing, even though I didn’t have a clear vision of the future at that time. I love this mug because it’s so much more than just another coffee cup. It’s a dose of encouragement and empowerment served alongside your favorite drink! That’s a win-win in my book!

Shavon White

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